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If you would like us to deliver a Workshop in your area we could come to you. Just contact us for a date and an estimate of the approximate cost, assemble a group of a minimum of 15 teachers/coaches/students, choose and book a venue and we’ll do the rest. (Schools and/or local authorities usually fund participants’ attendance). Where we have to travel more than 100 miles from Gloucestershire, a minimum of twenty participants is necessary.

Our recently published book, Racket Skills for Beginners – Twenty Lesson Plans, contains most of the ideas which are featured in a continuing programme of Workshops for teachers and coaches. There have been twenty (fully booked) Racket Skills Workshops around the country so far – from Norwich to Newcastle, from Devon to the Isle of Man. They have been universally well-received by the participants attending, as can be seen by the data and comments below.

One of the reasons teachers and coaches are so positive about the Workshops is that they follow virtually all the routines featured in Racket Skills for Beginners with their non-dominant hands, so they can fully empathise with (and almost mimic) how a beginner might react using their dominant hand. It is fascinating to see how rapidly they progress during the Workshop (just as their students will) and I receive many comments from participants about how surprised they are at their new levels of skill with the “wrong” hand. In fact, training the non-dominant side is a significant, initially unintentional, side-effect of the Workshops.

At the end of the Workshop, each participant is invited to complete the feedback sheet (see below) and the numbers represent ticks recorded for 243 responses over the last two years. Note: because of occasional time constraints, not every participant completed the form.

Please contact plusballs if you wish to book a Workshop.

Plusballs, 9, Downham View, Dursley, Glos, GL11 5GB

Tel: 01453 546211

Mobile: 07760475180



See Our Racket Skills Workshop Feedback Sheet Results

We have had over two hundred comments on the Workshops from teachers and coaches almost all of which are favourable. Here is a small, representative sample. (Please contact us if you wish to see more).

“The best PE course I have ever attended.” Primary School Teacher

“Great workshop – good ideas. The way forward.” Secondary PE Teacher

“The workshop has encouraged me to teach the younger pupils – Yr 1 upwards – racket skills which before I would have glossed over, as everything you showed us was so practical.” Primary School Teacher

“Fantastic idea – can’t wait to use it at school with all the children, all abilities.” Primary School Teacher

Plusballs are an excellent teaching aid for any co-ordination work and I will certainly be using them. Music and co-ordination was a new vibe for me – excellent idea.” LTA Coach


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