Why Schools Should be More Positive about Racket Sports

plusballs in education
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February 3, 2017
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February 5, 2017
plusballs in education

plusballs in education

Teachers of PE in both primary and secondary schools generally – and understandably – concentrate on the normal team games, often for very practical reasons such as cost of equipment, easier to accommodate large numbers, familiarity, tradition etc.

However, more prominence should be given to the racket sports across the board for the following reasons:

  • Boys and girls can play together
  • The basics can be taught indoors – if suitable equipment and slow- moving balls are used
  • Badminton, table tennis and squash are not weather dependent
  • Racket sports can be played far later in life than most team games – people playing well into their 80’s is not uncommon
  • Outside school, it is much easier to organise a racket game (which needs a minimum of just one opponent) than a team game
  • Widening students’ sports experiences can only be beneficial
  • With tennis’ star rising, Britain has racket sports role models like never before

If you want to find practical ideas on how to introduce racket skills to class size numbers of beginners then this is the book for you.



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