Rallying – the very essence of all the racket sports – and other games as well

Wimbledon – Let’s get a racket in every child’s hands – AND GET THEM RALLYING!
July 9, 2017
Walking Badminton
January 12, 2018

Wimbledon – Centre Court, Nadal v Federer. Nadal serves, Federer returns and the rally starts and goes on and on. And as it continues the crowd’s communal intake of breath at each net clearance becomes audible, the on-court grunts increase and the tension mounts the longer the rally goes on. It is impossible to look away, impossible not to be drawn towards the outcome of this ever lengthening rally, only ended by a lapse of concentration or a pile-driving ground shot or volley winner to go one point behind – or ahead.

And it’s not just tennis that has breathtaking rallies. Badminton played at most levels, has far longer rallies than tennis. Rallies in table-tennis and squash too, can be just as captivating and thrilling as Centre Court.  And that goes for any level  – club, school, garden, beach……  People love to rally and keep the ball (or shuttle) in the air. There is a compulsion to be the last to play the ball  – and win the point.

Volleyball has obvious rallies too, but surely there is a certain kind of “rallying” going on in any game, where ball possession comes and goes such as soccer, rugby, hockey, basketball etc. In cricket, the “rallying” is clearly between the bowler and the batsman and then the fielder or wicket keeper. Similarly with baseball, softball and rounders.

To get youngsters/beginners well on the way to a lifetime of sport, any sport, there can be no better start than using plusballs for acquiring skills for rallying. There is no resource quite like plusballs and success is assured.



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