Racket Repair

Here’s how it works…

We mainly restring badminton rackets. We CAN restring tennis or squash rackets but they often need a full restring, so please phone or email us first for a quote. We regrip every type of racket using quality materials. Our prices are economic and may surprise you. This is because we use most of the existing string and we purchase grips in bulk. Please ensure you send us rackets with at least 2/3 of the string intact. We engrave the base of the handle with the approximate date you will receive the rackets and we guarantee the stringing work for two months from that date. (Unfortunately we cannot guarantee grips since they are often tampered with).

  1. Phone or email us for a delivery form
  2. Pack rackets (min of 10) for repair – we recommend a strong ‘bin bag’
  3. Take rackets to school reception for collection
  4. We repair your rackets (stringing guaranteed for 2 months)
  5. We send your rackets back to you within a few days


Badminton rackets – string repair only £3.75 each

Badminton/tennis/squash rackets – regrip only £3.00 each

Badminton rackets – both string and grip repairs £4.95 each

Tubes of 6 quality synthetic shuttles £4.95 each (No VAT to pay)

For Tennis/Squash Racket restrings, please contact us for a quote.


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