Ok, plusballs seem a good idea, but how do I use them in my particular situation?

On this website go to Plusballs Method for instructions/guidance. Also go to Videos for more ideas. Our book Racket Skills for Beginners – Twenty Lesson Plans (14.95 + p&p) has the most detailed and carefully graded lessons for your classes. It is the only book available which deals so comprehensively with teaching racket skills to beginners.


Why should I use plusballs?

Because almost all user groups succeed, often spectacularly. They are also great fun for everybody to use! Perhaps that’s why they’re so successful!


How long do plusballs last?

For plusballs to fly slowly they are made of extremely light material, which, if hit too hard, will tear. If the guidelines are followed, however, they can be used over and over again (if they do split they can be repaired in a few seconds).


Are plusballs suitable for older children/adults?

Absolutely! These days many people have less exposure to sport and exercise and so lack basic co-ordination skills. Plusballs provide a safety net for such participants who respond well to a resource which slows everything down. Plusballs positively include those experiencing difficulties in PE and indoor games sessions. Plusballs also provide numerous juggling possibilities with more advanced users!



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