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Plusballs are the most effective way to acquire hand-eye co-ordination

Having some degree of hand-eye co-ordination is perhaps the most important element required to encourage very young children into beneficial physical activity.

Even without putting any play or sports equipment into the hands of a youngster, co-ordination is still required in the simplest of everyday tasks, such as turning on a switch, using a spoon to transfer food from plate to mouth or opening doors by turning knobs etc.

But as toddlers become young children some extra help to speed up the co-ordination process is highly desirable and this is where plusballs can be extremely useful, if not essential.

Consider plusballs’ benefits for teaching hand-eye co-ordination –

    • Ultimate Lo-tech solution – no batteries, no charging, no screens
    • User friendly – so easy for immediate, uncomplicated use
    • Plusballs’ slow and even parabola means that young children (and anyone wishing to improve co-ordination) benefit because reaction time is increased.
    • It appears everything is happening in slow motion – in fact it is!Invaluable in so many ways for teachers, coaches and parents to help children implement and understand physical actions and reactions

There is nothing quite like plusballs as you will discover.  Please contact 01453547461    07760475180



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