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This section is devoted to information and/or suggestions gleaned from the wide experience I have accumulated as a racket skills/badminton coach over many years.

I will be adding to these pages regularly covering such areas as specific badminton tips, coaching less able performers, making racket sports more user- friendly and (racket) sports for the elderly and those with special needs and many more – so please return to this section as often as possible to see if there is something which interests you. Please refer to the titles of articles listed below.

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February 4, 2017
plusballs in education

Why Schools Should be More Positive about Racket Sports

Teachers of PE in both primary and secondary schools generally – and understandably – concentrate on the normal team games, often for very practical reasons such as cost of equipment, easier to accommodate large numbers, familiarity, tradition etc. However, more prominence should be given to […]
February 3, 2017
plusballs in education

So how did this plusballs thing all start then?

I’m often asked this very question so here’s the answer! Seventeen years ago I was teaching English in a school to speakers of other languages when, quite out of the blue, as a kind of end of term thank you present, one of my students […]
February 2, 2017

The Doubles Serve in Badminton

The serve in doubles is the most important shot in the game. It starts every point. Some people tense up and panic and even lose control. So it’s important to relax and ‘be loose’. If you have a good, confident, tight, low serve it can […]
February 1, 2017

10 Badminton Do’s and Don’ts for Beginners

Do* Get a grip – hold racket in a ‘shake hands’ grip – VERY LOOSELY.  Be aware of the nails and knuckles rule. Forehand – nails forward (thumb slightly downwards), backhand – knuckles forward (thumb behind the racket with thumbnail pointing towards the body). Develop a good […]