Balloons vs Plusballs

plusballs in education
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February 4, 2017
plusballs in education
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February 6, 2017

I’m often asked, ‘Why not use balloons instead of plusballs? Surely they do exactly the same job?’

Well….no!  Here are the reasons plusballs are far superior for learning racket skills and for general hand-eye co-ordination routines.


  • Balloons have an uneven flight pattern and are usually too slow and unpredictable for effective routines
  • Since balloons differ greatly both in the type and the amount of air inserted, their flight paths are wholly  inconsistent and confusing to a beginner
  • Balloons may burst (even when inflating) with a loud BANG which can frighten some users
  • Once burst – or deflated – balloons are very rarely used again
  • Plusballs have an even parabola in flight and a consistently slow speed through the air, making drills and practices much easier for both pupils and teachers
  • The three most popular plusballs sizes move at three different speeds so a graded approach can be followed beginning with the larger 21cm plusball
  • In the event of a plusball tearing or splitting, there is no loud bang (unless hit very hard – clearly not recommended)
  • Plusballs can be used dozens of times since there is no knot – if torn they can be easily repaired with sticky tape
  • Plusballs are far closer to the ‘feel’ of a ball or shuttlecock, even down to the reassuring ‘thwack’ noise which emanates from hitting a plusball



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