70th Birthday Badminton Bash

Co-ordination, co-ordination, co-ordination
June 27, 2017
Wimbledon – Let’s get a racket in every child’s hands – AND GET THEM RALLYING!
July 9, 2017








Being something of a badminton nut, earlier this year I decided to have a very different kind of celebratory birthday party – and not just because of the alliteration of all those Bs either!

So here’s an idea for any milestone birthday/anniversary celebration party, no-one will forget . You saw it here first!

Here’s what I did. Obviously, you can pick and choose add or amend activities to suit your celebration.

  • Booked 4 courts for 2 hours in a local sports centre for 35 guests (If you’re a keen badminton player, you’ve probably got quite a few ‘badminton friends’. Ask them along to help keep the ball (shuttle) rolling.
  • Booked the requisite number into a pizza restaurant for post activity nourishment, drinks and socialising
  • Reassured non-badminton players they would be able to attempt most of the activities
  • Introduced a few “ice-breakers” like picking up a shuttle just using their rackets and catching a shuttle on the racket etc.
  • Devised and implemented mainly ‘target’ type activities for the first part of the session which everyone could attempt, such as using woollen balls to play bowls, knock tubes over, throw for distance, lob between lines etc (prizes optional)
  • Used plusballs in a variety of drills and routines with mini and standard rackets for 15 minutes to boost everyone’s confidence
  • Got established players to rally one on one with nervous novices using slow shuttles
  • Played a number of King of the Court, Round the World, Gladiators type games in which all mini games were limited to three points to ensure a constant stream of different opponents for all players
  • To even up competitions, established players could play with their non-dominant hand, use a mini/tennis/squash/ racket, have a larger court area to defend, only play underarm shots etc

Everyone seemed to enjoy the event and appreciated an entirely different kind of party. Why not have a go if you have a celebration coming up?



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