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What are Plusballs?

Plusballs are ultra-light, ultra-slow moving balls. They rapidly improve hand/eye co-ordination skills, confidence and enjoyment. Crucially, because plusballs neither bounce nor roll, large numbers of children can be safely and effectively taught in limited space. Racket skills lessons suddenly become possible for whole classes which would be chaotic if sponge/airflow/tennis balls were used. Also there is never any waiting around for children to take their turn. Plusballs provide a great “safety net” for those finding more normal missiles too fast or uncontrollable.


Plusballs work for so many user groups because they move slowly and evenly.

Tens of thousands have already been distributed.

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January 12, 2018

Walking Badminton

There are many less active “walking” varieties of dynamic sports which have sprung up relatively recently, the most long-standing probably being walking football which is thriving nationwide with hundreds of venues and teams. This tends to be male-dominated just as walking netball attracts mainly, if […]
July 9, 2017

Rallying – the very essence of all the racket sports – and other games as well

Wimbledon – Centre Court, Nadal v Federer. Nadal serves, Federer returns and the rally starts and goes on and on. And as it continues the crowd’s communal intake of breath at each net clearance becomes audible, the on-court grunts increase and the tension mounts the […]
July 9, 2017

Wimbledon – Let’s get a racket in every child’s hands – AND GET THEM RALLYING!

Wimbledon’s here again. We’re half way through the tournament  and the standard of tennis, as always, is amazing – almost unbelievable.   During a Wimbledon fortnight, I once heard the Lawn Tennis Association’s CEO state on the Today Programme on Radio 4  that “we need to […]


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